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Welcome to our blog. Forget the name, because we will talk about a lot more than just cleaning! Here you will find tips, advice, and information you need to care for your home or business property.


Why is Mold So Dangerous and How Can I Get Rid of It?

No one is excited to find mold growing in their home, but it is an experience that is in some ways inevitable.
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The Need for Upholstery Cleaning Products in Household

There are lots of upholstery cleaning products that are available in the market to help you restore your upholstered furniture back up to par.
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Carpet Steam Cleaning vs Dry Carpet Cleaning Method: Which is Better?

Let's face it, carpet is considered a big purchase. It brings warmth and style in a room; the downside, it's a magnet for dirt. Its lush fibers can be a roundhouse of embedded fine dirt, dust, pollens and other debris that if left un-attended might ruin your carpet not to mention emit allergens in the very air you breathe inside your homes.
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Carpet Stains - How to Clean Your Carpeting Guide

Read our carpet stains guide, courtesy of UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami, to preserve your investment in the best shape possible for years to come. Using carpet as a décor is a popular choice for many households today.
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Mold Testing Facts Everyone Should Know

When you need to confirm the presence of indoor mold, mold testing is what you need. Find out everything you should know about mold testing for your property, including when it is required.
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