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wall-to-wall carpet cleaningYou can find a carpet cleaner near you in Miami. UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami has been providing professional services in the area for over 15 years.

At UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami we know a clean carpet leads to a healthier home. That is why our carpet cleaning service extracts dirt, debris, dust mites, and many other allergens out from deep within your carpet fibers. These pathogens arrive at your carpet by natural means, like opening doors or via our clothing, but can be potentially hazardous to anyone with sensitive respiratory functions, to children, pets, and even the elderly. Removal of these pathogens is an excellent way to clean your circulating air as well.

Our Carpet Cleaning Service in Miami

Our truck mounted and specialized vacuums use hot water and steam combined with cleaning solutions and is known for being the most effective method in sanitation. Carpet bacteria cannot be simply vacuumed up because they hook on to carpet fibers. This method ensures that all traces of bacteria and other pathogens are removed from your carpets because the cleaning combination unhinges bacteria before extracting them, all the while greatly improving the quality of your breathing air.

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Avoid Early Carpet Replacements

In addition to being adverse to your own health, a dirty carpet leads to poor carpet health and potentially early replacement. Dirt brought in from the outside actually hides in and breaks down carpet fibers, not only shortening a carpet's lifespan, but also creating a dull and dirty looking carpet.

With all the time you spend on the carpet with the kids, pets, folding laundry, etc., it turns out that carpet is quite central to your daily household activities. Don't take the risk of even more bacterial spreading, stop them before they get a chance reach other bacterial enticing parts of your home, like your upholstery, rugs, and air ducts.

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