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Air Duct Cleaning Service in Miami, FL

UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami offers a whole slew of cleaning services including air duct cleaning, a service unfortunately overlooked by too many home owners. Air duct cleaning requires less frequent cleaning than some of our other services. Our current and future customers can expect complete honesty in determining whether your home/office space needs this service.

Initial Inspection

HVAC system cleaning UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami specialists check at each individual area before deciding whether this service is necessary based on those using the facilities. In case video duct inspection shows that your ductwork is mostly clean, we will suggest having another check at a later date. If you report breathing or flu-like symptoms or your air duct filters and ductwork itself are very obviously dirty, we will let you know how to best proceed.

Should you require air duct cleaning, you can expect UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami to:

  • clean all your ducts and vents to ensure the HVAC system is cleaned properly;
  • use our expertise in carpet cleaning and other cleaning services to ensure your carpets are protected ahead of time (they will all be covered to avoid unnecessary damage);
  • use only soft bristled brushes for the cleaning;
  • protect the ductwork system by sealing and re-insulating any holes;
  • utilize vacuum equipment that exhausts particles outside the home;
  • Follow top NADCA and NAIMA standards and recommendations.

Once we have completed the task, our experts will ask you to confirm your air ducts are cleared. If you are not completely satisfied we will repeat the job until you are.

For an air duct quality inspection, contact UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami today!

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