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Steam or Dry Cleaning: Which one to Choose? Cons of Both Methods

Let's face it, carpet is considered a big purchase. It brings warmth and style in a room; the downside, it's a magnet for dirt. Its lush fibers can be a roundhouse of embedded fine dirt, dust, pollens and other debris that if left un-attended might ruin your carpet not to mention emit allergens in the very air you breathe inside your homes.

And naturally, you will protect your investment so it can serve you well. In this case, the way to preserve the life of your carpet is to clean it, and to clean it good. This can be accomplished either via carpet steam cleaning or dry carpet cleaning.

For people who are new at this, we've listed the lowdown on these two methods below.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method

Dry Carpet Cleaning - contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning a carpet is not similar to dry cleaning your clothes; and it's not really "dry", as water will still be used. The dry cleaning process actually involves a three-part step.

First is to place a powdered solvent into the carpet and let it stay there for about 15 minutes. Second is using the oscillatory or the rotary brush as your buffer to go over the whole carpet. This ensures that the cleaning powder is distributed to the entire area. Once done, the last step will be to vacuum the carpet. Vacuuming will suck the cleansing powder out plus all the dirt attached to it.

The good thing about this method is that it doesn't involve any drying time, perfect for quick fixes in schools and offices.

The Main Downside of Dry cleaning

But we have to remember that since no real extraction is made, all that cleaning powder can't really be removed from the carpet and in time will attract dust and grit on itself and will eventually need to be steam cleaned.

Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet Steam Cleaning - this is the most common method of cleaning and is being recommended by nearly all carpet manufacturers. The method is just in-appropriately named as there really is no "steam" involved; instead, it is hot water with a cleaning solvent that's being extracted with the use of a specialized wand.

Why Carpet Steam Cleaning is Better than Carpet Dry Cleaning?

It's classified as "deep cleaning" as the solution, detergent and dirt is extracted by a powerful vacuum into either a truck-mounted or portable tank. You can even see that the water being extracted has turned brown meaning that along with it goes the grime.

What is the Downside of Steam Cleaning?

There really isn't any except for the drying time, apart from this; all you'll get is a fresh, almost new-looking and nicely cleaned carpet.

Whom to Call for a Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Cleaning a carpet can sometimes be a daunting task, especially for people not used or knowledgeable enough to know how to properly do it. Good thing there's a lot of contractors that provide carpet cleaning services to clients.

UCM Carpet Cleaning Miami uses the latest carpet cleaning equipment tested to successfully accomplish the task of carpet steam cleaning. Hiring trained professionals who you know can do the job well is a far better choice than doing it yourself with the risks of damaging the carpet rather than preserving its life.


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