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Boat Cleaning Miami

When you bought your boat, you probably thought you would spend most of your time enjoying it, not cleaning it. However, if you do not clean your boat, you are probably going to enjoy it less because you will have to deal with a dirty, smelly cabin, cloudy windows, dull hardware, an unsanitary, neglected head and quite possibly, a sticky, bug infested galley.

boat interior cleaningWhat can you do to avoid these pitfalls of neglect and maximize your pleasure? Call Boat Cleaning Miami, providers of a full range of boat cleaning services and cleaning plans that will allow you to spend more time enjoying your boat than cleaning it.

Boat Interior Cleaning

While it's true that there are as many ways to enjoy boating as there are boat, Boat Cleaning Miami can bring any boat into tip top shape. Whether you enjoy taking her out for so that you can fish, or setting sail to enjoy the solitude of the open sea, every voyage leaves its mark. Guts, blood and slime from the day's catch.

A splotch of suntan lotion or an icy drink leaves its mark on the woodwork. Your passenger's queasy stomach lets loose in the head, on deck or in the cabin, leaving behind fragrant reminders. Not to mention the elements, which take their toll, dulling windows and hardware, scratching wood surfaces and hardening on deck. Luckily, Boat Cleaning Miami modular menu of services enables boat owners to select cleaning services that fit their particular needs.

Factors that influence the type of cleaning services you require include:

  • type of boat
  • size of boat
  • frequency of use
  • main focus of use (fishing, entertaining, etc).

Cabin Cleaning

furniture cleaningBoat Cleaning Miami specializes in cleaning every part of your boat's cabin, including cushions and pillows, windows, window treatments, carpets, galleys, heads, and hardware. Expert wood cleaning, waxing and conditioning for cabinetwork, floors, benches and other woodwork are two of their most popular services. In addition, if you're boat is beginning to look a little worse for the wear, Boat Cleaning Miami can provide some detailing and paint services.

If you only use your boat occasionally, schedule a cleaning session before you go out again - just to make sure that you remove any dirt, trash or fish blood/guts that you might have messed after your last cruise.

For those of you that take your boat out more frequently, getting in touch with Boat Cleaning Miami is equally important. In fact, you should probably put their number up on the refrigerator, or program it into speed dial. Schedule cleaning sessions at regular intervals - this one step relieves you of maintenance chores that mimic house cleaning.

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Boat Cleaning
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